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California San Francisco Bay Area College Planning Specialists specialize in getting Northern California and San Francisco Bay area college bound students into the college's of their choice by giving them expert financial and college admissions advice.

Thousands of qualifing and non-qualifing families have drastically reduced education costs at the colleges of their choice while reducing their need for loans and preserving their retirement and their current lifestyle!

When it comes to saving and paying for college, a San Francisco Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor can help make a college education an affordable reality. A San Francisco Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor also has the expertise to help you develop the best plan possible and make the best financial choices for you and your family.

Many financial advisors and CPA's have not been trained in the specialty of college financial planning and are therefore limited in the assistance they can provide. But when it comes to college financial planning, a Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor can deliver the highest caliber of knowledge and service.

San Francisco Bay Area College Planning Specialists consult families on how to choose the right college program and affordably pay for it. Our programs keep both parents and students informed about the latest college financial aid and admissions news by implementing creative and ethical planning solutions to maximize all untapped financial aid resources. Our specialty, as college consultants, is in getting the information parents and students need and the results your looking to acheive.

CLEP Exams Help Students and Parents Save Thousands of Dollars in College Tuition

College is more expensive than ever. Common solutions to saving money for college include sending high school graduates to less expensive, community colleges. Parents also enroll their kids in AP courses in high school, in hopes that passing the AP exam at the end of the year will exempt their child from having to take mandatory general education courses their freshman year, thereby saving a lot of money. Other students vie for competitive scholarships. However, unless grades are impeccable and extra-curricular activities are impressive and noteworthy, a good scholarship can be hard to come by.

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Recent College Planning Testimonials

After 2 years at Montana State University, my college savings ran out and I was sure I would have to take out private loans to pay for school.

My mom called Bay College Planners and thanks to Gerna and the team, I now have all my tuition paid and then some...

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The Tylenol Scholarship Program

The Tylenol scholarship program helps students who are pursuing careers in the healthcare, life sciences, or related fields, manage the rising costs of education.

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Recruiting Steps for the High School Senior Athlete

College recruiting activities for senior year for every student athlete will be focused primarily on applications, visits, and financial aid. But what else you do will depend on how much recruiting attention you have received.

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Is Home-schooling an option for Bay Area Children

Due to the questionable state of our nations public school systems and the current strains placed upon our countries current economy a growing number of families are deciding to educate their children at home.

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UPromise Credit Card Rewards Program

Upromise, Inc. is an American corporation launched in April 2001. Upromise is the largest private source of college funding contributions in the United States. To date, Upromise and its partners have contributed $450 million to their members' Upromise college savings accounts.

UPromiseMembers receive contributions when making everyday purchases of products and services at more than 21,000 grocery and drug stores, 14,000 gas stations, 8,000 restaurant, as well as thousands of retail stores, and more than 600 online shopping sites. Upromise partners include CVS/pharmacy, Citicorp, ExxonMobil Corporation, Bed Bath & Beyond, McDonalds, JCPenney, LandsEnd, Sears, iTunes, and hundreds of others. In addition Upromise college savings rewards can be used to help pay down eligible student loans.

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Are there College Jobs Available for Students?

You’ve finally been accepted to the college or university of your choice. Now all you have to do is find a job to be able to stay at school. Most colleges and universities know that the normal average student will have to have a job while they are in school.

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How to Pay for College and Obama's Stimulus Budget Plan

Many California parents have witnessed their 529 college funds, stocks, mutual funds and savings portfolios greatly reduced within the last few weeks. A growing number of California San Francisco Bay Area parents have lost their jobs due to the current Wall Street demise.

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College Planners Student Admissions Consulting Services

ApplyWise is the first of its kind: a nationally recognized online college admissions counseling program that provides college-bound Juniors and Seniors with the online college consultant guidance and specific tools needed to navigate successfully through the college admissions process.

“This is the first endorsement I have made of a product in the admissions field, other than a book. It gives good advice and teaches students to think for themselves, rather than provide simple answers...

"I urge you to consider ApplyWise on its merits, as I have done.” 

Jon Reider 
Guidance Counselor and former Senior Admissions Officer at Stanford University   
Bay Area Applywise

Bay Area Free College Planners Workshop Updates

We cater to groups, companies and organizations and will customize a "FREE" workshop especially for your group.

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San Francisco Bay Area College Planning Specialists are here to make parents feel confident that their student has an attainable plan to get into a college program of your choice comfortably. 

You deserve the piece of mind that comes from working with a trusted Certified Advisor. Take charge of your financial future by working with a Bay Area College Planning Specialists Certified Advisor to develop your personal plan to pay for college without going broke.   


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